Dušan’s Disctastic Plastic Auction

Any of us who were fortunate enough to spend an evening with Dusan at Minglewood Views were surely subjected to a little bit of, as Brian “Moots” Motley put it, “Late Night Roc Talk”.

Dušan had always been a collector from a young age, as he grew older his interests shifted from comics & stones, to t-shirts & records and most notably lately Disc Golf Discs.

Dušan loved the feel of the plastics, the artwork and design of the stamps, and the unique flight characteristics that each one exhibited.

Over the last number of years Dušan amassed quite the diverse treasure trove of varied discs. These discs must continue to fly and now is the time that you can help. A special section of his collection has been pulled aside and placed on this website for auction.

All funds raised through this auction will go directly to the Dušan Nedelko Foundation to help develop youth through outdoor activity.

The auctions in this round will close on August 26th at 11:59pm. The timing was chosen as Friday August 27th a number of disc golfers will descend upon South River for Discstock, the crown jewel of Dušan’s Disc Golf community building efforts.

So bid now, and check back often, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these once in a life time chances to raise funds for the things our friend believed in so strongly.

See you at Discstock!

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