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When you donate to the Dušan Nedelko Foundation your dollars are going to go to help Canadian youth learn life and leadership skills through outdoor activity.

The Dušan Nedelko Foundation operates on minimal operating budgets so your dollars will go as directly as possible to enabling and empowering our youth through outdoor activity.

We have numerous donation options listed below for your convenience.

Donate via PayPal or Major Credit Card

Donate to the Dusan Nedelko Foundation
Donate via PayPal

We’re able to accept donations via PayPal (which supports all major credit cards). Simply click the donate logo to begin the fast, safe and secure donation process.

Donate Via Cheque

If you prefer to donate via cheque, please mail or courier your donation to:

The Dusan Nedelko Foundation
PO Box 29137 RPO Hespeler, Ontario
N3C 0E6

Corporate Sponsorship Information

We are a nascent organization and as such, we are working towards Corporate and Recurring Sponsorship Opportunities, Partnerships and Sponsorships.

We expect to offer an in depth program with the goal of working closely with our partners to mutual benefit.

Business Receipt Information

The Dušan Nedelko Foundation is a registered Ontario Not for Profit Organization. Business receipts can be issued upon request.