Our Mission

To create a legacy of continuance for the past efforts of Dušan Nedelko by providing ongoing support for youth and youth programs that engage in enabling positive, enriching outdoor experiences for youth from all backgrounds.

Core Values and Culture

  • We contribute Dušan Nedelko Foundation resources, both financial and human, to help deliver redefining outdoor experiences for under-served or at-risk children within Ontario.
  • We are passionate about helping children develop life and leadership skill sets through outdoor activity, a strong sense of accomplishment and harmony with nature in order to engender a “power of one” confidence that will guide future life choices and ongoing connection and stewardship of the environment.
  • We display fairness, honesty, responsibility, diversity, generosity and foster mutual trust and care in our dealings with our local communities, volunteers, business partners and beneficiaries of our efforts.
  • We are guided by mutual respect, enthusiasm and shared creativity to support projects that provide positive, life-lasting outdoor experiences that build fun, teamwork, environmental stewardship and empowerment among participants.
  • We deal with others as we would want them to deal with us.


To continue the legacy of Dušan Nedelko by providing sustainable, ongoing support for programs that consistently deliver positive, course-correcting support to youth , through harnessing the joy, skills development, teamwork and environmental stewardship that can be achieved through a positive outdoor experience.