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We got this email this morning from Jeff Vandermeer in London, Ontario – it not only made us feel great it’s inspiring when we hear from everyone out there, the disc golf programs you’re running and how your working to reach out to youth through any form of outdoor activity:

Hello I am sending this message  to first say I am sorry for your sudden loss and from what stories and pictures show, a true Canadian at heart.  Its hard to lose loved ones suddenly especially a man that inspires so many.  I also would like to say I am spearheading a Youth Disc Golf association in London and work closely with our  LDGA commitee to send a message to our community that men like Dusan must be remembered.  I have three young boys, my oldest 6 loves to disc and me and him were inspired of how dedicated we must be to achieve what guys like Dusan did in his short life.  I am setting up a tourny fundraiser and will push our committee to do as much for youth and the growing of our sport to ensure Foundations and families like this can put on a smile at the end of the day    I look forward to achieving my goals and will contribute ASAP     Thanx for ur time and the inspiration

No thank you Jeff for running the youth league in London and we look forward to helping out in any way we can as well!

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