The FounDušan at Rock The Bear

by Dan Nedelko on June 10, 2013

After many months of work June 9th was the day the entire team at The Dušan Nedelko Foundation had been eagerly planning for and looking forward to: Rock The Bear at Whistle Bear in Cambridge had finally arrived.

The event began on a beautiful sunny June 9th, which was lucky because the Saturday before cool and rainy, as I’m writing this on Monday June 10th it’s also cool and rainy. So we got lucky or we were blessed, take your pick. June 9th arrived and we were basking under clear blue skies and 24 degree temperatures, really one of the first true warm days we’ve had so far this spring!

The day was a blur of excitement, music, sports and memories none of us will soon forget. I really need to acknowledge our amazing team of volunteers who went above and beyond, the following individuals are wonderful friends and great supporters of our humble little Foundation, without all of you we would not be able to touch the lives of some amazing youth.

Watch the crowd at Rock The Bear in a moment of Loudness!

In no particular order of awesome (they are all equally infinitely awesome!), our team was: Lisa Reaume, Jamie Reaume, Myriam Mullin, Trudy Windsor, Cathy Fitzgerald, Peter Fitzgerald, Katie Vaillancourt, Al Vaillancourt, Jennifer Franklin, Tanya Monok, Paige Kraft, David Trafford and Hanna Trafford.

There were 5000 incredible attendees at the event and we also had the opportunity to raise $3297 through generous parking donations. We’re excited to share these proceeds with our friends at Head Strong; Fanelli 4 Brain Injury Awareness: a program designed to raise awareness about brain injuries.

On another note, the crowd was incredible, often at large events it’s tough to get the attention of so many people at once. Not at Rock The Bear!

The crowd was right with us to hear a bit about the Foundation, took part in our general moment of loudness and we had one of the best “I’m at!” cheers ever, 5000 people yelling “I’m at Rock The Bear” at the same time is enough to send shivers up my spine in a very good way!

Thanks very much to my friends, family and the entire team for providing me with these unforgettable memories. You’re all very special.



2012 Okthrowberfest Youth Tournament

by Dan Nedelko on October 1, 2012

You will want to make sure that you will sign up your children for this very special Youth Tournament and Activity Day!

On Saturday, October 13,2012, your child will have the opportunity experience a day of fun and activities. After registration, there will be a disc golf clinic, followed by a tournament on a special course set up just for this event. Lunch will be provided and afternoon activities, such as climbing wall, obstacle course and games will follow.

The activities will be fully supervised by qualified staff from The Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort.

We would like to thank the local businesses who have generously supported both the efforts of the Foundation and this specific event: IBI Group, The Charcoal Group of Restaurants and Optimum Employment Services, Ultimate Disc Golf Store, Parkway Ford, Joseph’s Winery, M&M Meat Shops and M.Y. Fitness Repair Services Inc. .

Participating children will receive not one but 2 special discs (frisbees), participation awards and lots of other goodies to take home with them.

Make sure you register today, since space is limited!

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2012 Okthrowberfest Disc Golf Tournament

October 1, 2012

This now the 4th Annual Okthrowberfest Disc Golf Tournament – this year, as in the past 3 years, it will be held at The Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort on Saturday, October 13,2012. The Okthrowberfest disc golf tournament and Okthrowberfest Youth Tournament and Activity Day is held in support of Dušans memory and raises funds […]

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Financial Awards Summary Update

July 9, 2012

I would like to take a moment to update all of our supporters in all communities who have contributed to the growth of the Dušan Nedelko Foundation and our activities over the past 18 months. As you are aware, we are committed to enabling youth through outdoor activity with a specific focus on youth at […]

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Thank You for 2011 and Welcome 2012!

January 5, 2012

Our gratitude and thanks to all of you who have supported Dusan’s Foundation in 2011 – we sincerely hope you will continue and make the foundation even stronger in 2012! Special thanks at this time go to Melanie Goodday from Halifax, N.S., who donated $200  just before Christmas. Melanie knew Dusan and had worked with […]

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2011 Okthrowberfest Tournament – Thank you Everyone!

October 25, 2011

Saturday, October 15,2011 will be remembered for a long time by everyone who came. And as the famous statement goes: “If you build it – they will come” it proved to be – oh so true! Personally, I couldn’t believe my eyes, when early Saturday morning group after group, one after another, people were lining […]

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2011 Okthrowberfest Tournament Update

October 14, 2011

We are now only hours away from the fun and excitement of Okthrowberfest at Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort in Kitchener. Remember – registration starts at 8:00 AM, player’s meeting at 9:15 AM, Round 1 starts at 9:30 AM Youth fun tournament will start at 10:00 AM (on a special course designed just for kids) […]

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More Good Messages from Financial Award Recipients

September 27, 2011

It is always with great pleasure that I can share letters the foundation receives from those who directly benefit from our work and your generosity. In the Spring 2011 we have awarded Trails Youth Initiatives funds to support their worthwhile program. Here are 2 letters we have received – one from the Director of Development […]

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3rd Annual Okthrowberfest at Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort

September 22, 2011

We’re pleased to announce yet another installment of the annual Okthrowberfest Disc Golf Tournament in support of the Dušan Nedelko Foundation. For those of you who participated last year, we’re looking to have you join us for the 3rd edition of this family and beginner friendly tournament at Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort! If you missed it last year […]

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Dušan’s Dare At Camp Ruskoka

September 20, 2011

Dušan fell in love with Camp Ruskoka from the very first time he visited there. He became a very welcomed friend to the staff and was loved bhy participants for his outgoing attitude and willigness to spend every available hours teaching and playing and talking. When we were aproached by the Executive Director of Ruskoka […]

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